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Grateful – A Memory Scrap

Grateful - A Memory Scrap

Beautiful Day..

Beautiful Day..

Marc by Marc Jacobs silk top
$190 –

Red valentino

Skaist Taylor skaist taylor
$565 –

Wolford tight
$27 –

Dolce Gabbana crochet handbag
$2,120 –

Bow jewelry

Forever New vintage style jewelry
$14 –

Shu uemura pink cosmetic

L Oréal Paris l oréal pari
$35 –

Topshop creme blush
$9.11 –

Betty barclay
$26 –


Girls Day Out..

Girls Day Out..

About memories..

When you dwell in a specific memory, you’ll remember everything. If it’s bad, then it’ll leave you a trauma. If it’s good, it’ll stay inside your heart and brings joy.

Neither way, they left you ‘something’. Happiness brings you a light, the one that shall help you coming out of the dark. But unfortunately, a trauma, will pull you down deeper and darker than ever.

I guess it’s just the way life is. Sometimes never been easy. Trying hard to keep them both as a part of you. For the good one will become your savior through hard times. The bad one can be very tricky. It’s your call to use it as a life lesson and gives you stronger stepping stones. Or, for the worst one, as an obstacle to your future.

Very hard. But must try. *a note to my very own self*

Life is a Circus..

Life is a Circus..

Nail polish

Vintage Graphic Circus Camel



tubes accessoires


Solid border

tubes masques carnavals

– Carnaval Arlequins –

tubes clowns Pierrots

If you feel a bit tired.. I’ll carry you..

If you feel a bit tired.. I'll carry you..


Beauty product

Beauty product

tubes paysages

clouds – CSI for Poly

garden pond

tubes paysages – Page 8

tubes paysages – Page 13

Solid border



Another Day..

Another Day..

frame 1024×768 black


tubes paysages

blue frame


tubes fonds


tubes fonds




Women with Weapons –

tubes pirates mers

tubes vagues – Page 6


Merry Christmas